Highlighting RESI Leaders

Fulfilling the RESI Program vision that people of all communities have a visible leadership role.   

Jettie Norfleet
Hola! I wholeheartedly believe that everyone has an internal ability to access emotional wellness. I am grateful to partner alongside others, using an integrative mind-body-spirit approach, as they discover or rediscover their Self.

How do you see yourself as a leader in the EMDRIA Community?

One of my heartfelt aspirations, both in my professional and personal endeavors, is to promote the healing power of EMDR therapy. This goal holds deep significance for me, driven by two fundamental reasons: Firstly, EMDR has been transformative in my own life, and secondly, I have noticed a stark absence of BIPOC representation in EMDR training programs, including my basic training and subsequent courses.

Given the impact that EMDR has had on me, I seize every opportunity to advocate for its benefits. I wholeheartedly engage in conversations about EMDR with colleagues, friends, and even my loved ones (I recall mentioning it on a first date). I do this because I firmly believe in the significance of this therapeutic approach. Moreover, I am acutely aware of my influence and responsibility within my community.

With the position of influence that I have been entrusted with, I view it as my sacred duty to share valuable resources. I consider it a calling from a higher power, guiding me to extend a helping hand and contribute to the well-being and growth of others.

Tell us about you and your intersection identities.

I am a bilingual Christian Black Woman with a little PuertoRican sabor.

Tell us about your journey of becoming an EMDR Therapist.

I discovered EMDR therapy through my previous employer. I had never heard of it, but I trusted her clinical judgment and encouragement to take the training. It was under the guidance of Terry Becker Fritz, whom I consider the epitome of excellence in the field (now retired), that I received my training. I admit..on day one I was a bit skeptical driving out to the location and being the only person of color. I felt a bit anxious. We practiced a Safe and Calm place...and noticed the physical sensations leave my body. I was sold!

During the initial phase of Basic training, I experienced a profound shift in self-awareness, prompting me to seek out my own EMDR therapist. Witnessing the profound impact of EMDR, I was filled with awe at the power of this therapeutic tool and felt an insatiable desire to deepen my knowledge. As a result, I actively engaged with the Virginia Community Response Network as a volunteer and eagerly participated in ongoing training opportunities.

Motivated by a collective yearning to witness greater representation and inclusivity within leadership roles, I felt compelled to take a step forward and pursue consultation for certification. This ultimately led me to become a Certified EMDR and now a Consultant in Training (CIT), a decision rooted in my desire to contribute to the empowerment and well-being of BIPOC individuals in the field.