Racial Equity Support Initiative

Application Criteria


Application period 12:00pm February 10th - Midnight April 1st 2024 - Central Time

Eligibility Requirements

Be a member of BIPOC community

Be licensed as a mental health professional that qualifies one for Certification

Have completed an EMDRIA Approved Basic Training

Be an EMDRIA Member and maintain
membership for the term of the program

Live in the United States


Do you meet the eligibility requirements? Are you ready to submit your application? All applications must be submitted through our online portal. Use the APPLY ONLINE button to begin.

Continue reading to learn more about the program and how the award is distributed!

Required Criteria


Basic Information

Name, address, contact and license information

Web presence (if any, including Linkedin, Find an EMDR Therapist, Psychology Today, etc.)

Describe your experience as a member of the BIPOC community and how your identity has informed, strengthened, and/or challenged you personally and professionally

Training Information

Date of EMDR Training and Trainer

EMDRIA Membership Status

Current status of progress to become EMDR Certified or an EMDR Consultant

Are you ready/eligible for EMDR Certified or EMDR Consultant designation?

What is needed to complete the process you are working on (Certified/AC)

If you are currently in process, who is your Consultant?
Do you have a statement of support from your Consultant for entering this program?

Do you envision continuing with this consultant or using someone new in this program?

Statement of Practice

Statement of practice (what is your current practice setting, how does it facilitate working on EMDR Certification™ or EMDR Consultant™ (what are the challenges and/or opportunities?) What is your normal case load? What percentage do you believe would be appropriate for EMDR at present?

What is your plan to complete your training to become EMDR Certified or an EMDR Consultant? How frequently do you envision receiving consultation? What is your projected completion date if all goes as planned?

Objective and Goals

What are your goals for work in EMDR? How do you envision contributing to your community? How do you see yourself using or leading in EMDR in five years? (Response in a written format AND in a two minute video)

What are your reasons for applying for this program at this time? How critical is this support to completing your training as a EMDR Certified therapist or an EMDR Consultant?

Award & Support


Methods of Support

RESI program is intended as a support to pay for consultation. It is not as a full scholarship.

Payments for consultation with approved consultant/s who have signed the RESI agreement for participating EMDR Consultants

Virtual Conference Registration scholarship for one year or virtual EMDRIA continuing education to fulfill the certification/AC requirements

Payment/Support Process

The RESI program has been set up in such a way that it will cover the cost of consultation that occurs once an applicant is accepted into the program. What “retroactive payment” means is that the Foundation would not pay up front for consultation, but rather, after the consultation has been completed, then payment would be made. Consultation received prior to acceptance into the program is not eligible for payment.

EMDRIA membership dues are NOT covered in the program. Applicants must have current EMDRIA membership at the time of application, and be maintained during the program.

Payment to the consultant not to the consultee.

Payment Rates

EMDR Certified Therapist: maximum hourly rate paid through RESI

Group: $25
Individual: $100
The total maximum support from the program is $950

EMDR Consultant: maximum hourly rate paid through RESI

Group: $25
Individual: $100
The total maximum support is $650

Consultants must agree to the above fees to participate in the program.

Consultant Information 


Selection of Consultant

Applicant will select consultant. Consultant must agree to terms of program as specified herein and as developed to include maximum fees and invoicing terms

Applicants could select consultants from a list of consultants that have already agreed to the terms of the program or invite any consultant to work with them (once that consultant has agreed to the terms of the program)

Terms: All program participants must have and maintain an active written consulting agreement that conforms with the recommendations in the EMDRIA Consultation Packet


Consultants Participation

Consultants, who have agreements with candidates or wish to offer to participate, can sign the Consultant Agreement

After Consultation hours have been completed Consultants must submit an online form to the EMDRIA Foundation with the total hours for that period.


Schedule for Payment Request Forms and Foundation Payments

1ST PERIOD 2024: January 1, 2024 to March 31, 2024

Payment Request Form due by: April 10, 2024
Payment Due to Consultant by: April 30, 2024

2nd PERIOD 2023: April 1, 2024 to June 30, 2024

Payment Request Form due by: July 10, 2024
Payment Due to Consultant by: July 31, 2024

3rd PERIOD 2023: July 1, 2023 to September 30, 2024

Payment Requestion Form due by: October 10, 2024
Payment Due to Consultant by: October 31, 2024

4th PERIOD 2023: October 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024

Payment Request Form due by: January 15, 2025
Payment Due to Consultant by: January 31, 2025




This is a program of the EMDRIA Foundation and is overseen by the EMDRIA Foundation Board who establishes a selection committee to evaluate applications and recommend recipients to the Foundation Board.*

*Those on the selection committee or on the Foundation Board shall not be eligible, during the term of their service, to receive compensation through this program.

Are you interested in being a Reviewer for the Selection Committee?  Learn about the terms of this role HERE.