Racial Equity Support Initiative - FAQs

The program goal is to increase the number of Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) individuals who have advanced in a leadership capacity in EMDR by becoming certified or approved consultants. Recipients of the award receive financial assistance to cover some of the costs to reach their goal of becoming an EMDRIA Certified Therapist or an Approved Consultant. Methods of support include covering the cost of consultation and a scholarship to attend a program for EMDRIA OnLine Education.

The awards pays a percentage of the consultations the awardee requires to obtain their credentials.  The EMDRIA Foundation makes payment directly to their approved consultant (or CIT in some instances) for sessions occurring after the acceptance date into the program. Awardees also receive complimentary registration to an EMDRIA Online Education Program. CEU from the Online Education Program can be applied toward certification requirements.

Yes. You must be an EMDRIA member to be eligible for this award.

No. The program has been set up in such a way that it will cover the cost of consultation that occurs once an applicant is accepted into the program. What “retroactive payment” means is that the Foundation would not pay up front for consultation, but rather, after the consultation has been completed, then payment would be made. Consultation received prior to acceptance into the program is not eligible for payment.

The current funding and guidelines of the scholarship provides awards for those who live in the US at this time. This is a new initiative, and this initial group of awardees is helping us refine the program as well as our selection process. If the EMDRIA Foundation makes changes, we will update and announce any new guidelines.

When uploading video files make sure that your file is saved in one of the correct file formats and that your file is not too large.  The file limit is 100MB.  There five accepted file types: avi, mp3, mp4, mpeg, mpg.

A Statement of Support is a statement from your consultant sharing their confidence in your abilities to complete your credential goal. A paragraph or two is sufficient. This statement is not required, especially if you do not yet have a consultant.

No.  The terms of the program are specific as to where the funds can be applied.  

Program staff will contact Awardees with registration instructions for the EMDRIA Virtual conference offering and staff is available to answer questions about OnDemand options.

Program staff will share a current list of participating consultants upon being admitted to the program.   Awardees can work with any Approved Consultant who sign the Consultant Agreement to participate. Awardees can also visit the EMDRIA Find An EMDR Therapist Directory to search for someone in your area.

The award is distributed in line with the requirements to attain your credential.
CIT: The CIT declaration states that one should complete the process within five years so we will allow that time frame for an awardee of the RESI program.
Certification: An awardee working toward the EMDRIA Certified Therapist credential also has five years as the 20 hours of consultation must have been completed within the last 5 years

Yes. As a participating consultant partnering with the EMDRIA Foundation and in support of the awardee, you agree to the rates stipulated in the agreement.

Yes, You may participate in your capacity as a CIT. Other award recipients pursuing EMDRIA Citification may opt to work with you for the limited number of hours they can accrue working with a CIT.

The rate should be applied to the sessions covered by the award amount (Certification and Consult award amounts differ). The agreed upon rates of the RESI program should be incorporated into your consulting contract.  You may continue to offer said rate to benefit the awardee and in the spirit of the program for the duration of your contract, but you do not have to do so. Clear expectations and rates are a very important part of the consultation contract.